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A little bit about me:
African American
Lover of Story-Driven Media
Lover of Animation
Sans Fan

Contact Email: [email protected]

|| Commission Style Examples ||

|| Sketches ||

|| BW ||

|| Color ||

|| Full Render ||

Contact Email: [email protected]


StyleSizePrice*Rush Job**
-Full Body$65-$95 
-Full Body$125-$150 
-Full Body$180-$250 

* Prices are determined on how complicated the design of the character is

**Rush Jobs means the commission needs to be completed within 1 to 2 days

Terms of Service

I will draw
humanoid, anthros, monsters, and animalsNSFW content of humanoids, anthros, and monsters
Things I will not draw
Up to my discretion.Characters must be 18 years old or older in a nsfw commission.I do not include "aged-up" characters.
I do trans / intersex nsfw, but do not use derogatory slurs if you commission for trans / intersex nsfw content.
My commissions are not and will never be for those who wish to resell the pieces within a blockchain system or cryto currencies.If I come to find out you commissioned something nsfw of a character that is owned by another artist and they have made it clear that they want nothing to do with nsfw, you will be blocked by me and blacklisted.You may repost the finished product, but all commissions are non-commercial unless discussed otherwise during the pricing process.


Payment is upfront, and through Paypal Invoice.
I will start the commission once the payment goes through.
If you need a payment plan, we can organize how that will go.
I will provide low resolution WIP pictures of the process as I go between each phase: after I finish the sketch, I show it to you and ask if you would like any changes before going to the line art, and so on.
Please tell me if changes need to be made before I continue to the next phase. If you tell me at the shading phase that the whole character is shaped wrong, you will be charged for those changes accordingly, please keep that in mind!
Refunds will be given if I can't complete the piece, or an emergency prevents me from completing the piece.
Once the piece is completed, payed for, and is given to you, I WILL NOT ISSUE REFUNDS.

Contact Email: [email protected]